Revision of the Canadian Organic Standards- Call for petitions

News from The Organic Federation of Canada, OFC invites you to propose modifications to the COS.

Any grower, stakeholder or consumer can suggest modifications

as the standard review process is based on transparency and consensus.

Closing date – July 31 2018

In order to prepare for the review of the Canadian Organic Standards, we need to know what modifications  the industry is proposing. We will then create  Working Groups that will analyze the proposed modifications and make recommendations to the Committee on Organic Agriculture, the body that is responsible for the final approval of the proposed recommendations.

To submit a modification request:

Ø  you need to use the forms that are attached

o   one specific form for modifications to CAN/CGSB/32.310-2015 General Principles and Management Standards,

o   and one specific form for CAN/CGSB-32.311-2015 Permitted Substances Lists.

Ø  your proposed modification has to be substantiated – your arguments have to be clearly stated.

Please note that:

The Canadian Organic Standards (COS) are national standards that ensure Canadian agricultural production is sustainable; they are the backbone of our growing domestic and export-oriented industry.

They are referenced by the Organic Products Regulations and, as all ‘national’ standards, they have to be reviewed every five years to maintain their ‘national’ status and

o   To ensure that they remain valid, applicable,

o   Are in tune with latest research developments, and

o   comparable to the standards of our trading partners.

The next review of the COS (2015 version) needs to be completed by November 2020.