The Steps to Certification

Step 1: Get a Good Understanding of the Standards to Which You Want to be Certified

After deciding on the type(s) of organic production and the program(s) under which to apply for certification, you are advised to review carefully and get a good understanding of the relevant organic standards and ensure the readiness of your operations to comply with the necessary requirements.(Dowload ACT Organic Standards)

Step 2: Complete Your Application
There are 7 different sets of application forms, one for each type of the following operations: organic farm production (crop production, aquaculture, and livestock production), processing and handling, group certification, wild harvest, beekeeping, commercial inputs, and restaurants offering organic menus. You can request the applicable set of application forms via email at or on this website.

Filling out the application documents, consisting of application & agreement and production plan forms, is a critical step. You must fill in information carefully, making sure that it is correct and accurate.  Take time to prepare all necessary facts before filling them in. Providing accurate and the most up-to-date information on your operations will benefit you in the long term. 

Step 3 Submit the Application and Pay an Application Review Fee
Before submitting the application, check the completeness of each document. Incomplete documents may result in a delay in the inspection and certification process. Make sure the Application and Agreement Form is properly signed, otherwise your application cannot be processed. For each application, the client is required to pay an application review fee of 1,070 baht.

You can transfer the amount to one of our bank accounts:

* Krung Thai Bank, Pantip Plaza Ngamwongwan Branch, Account. ACT organic Co.,Ltd. No.985-5-23872-9

* Siam Commercial Bank, Pantip Plaza Ngamwongwan Branch, Account name ACT organic Co.,Ltd. No. 388-238729-4.

The electronic application and a proof of payment, e.g. a deposit slip, an ATM transaction receipt, may be submitted to ACT via email to In case of the paper application, the documents can be sent in by post. As soon as we receive the signed application and the payment, we will proceed with the application review. You can request the applicable set of application forms via email at or on this website.

Step 4 Payment of the Certification Fee and Appointment for the Initial Inspection
Once the review ensures that your application is in good order, you will receive an invoice for the certification fee to be paid for the selected certification(s). After ACT receives the payment, you will be contacted by an ACT certification officer to appoint a date for the initial inspection at the site of your operation. For group certification, an inspection to evaluate the group’s internal control system must be conducted prior to the first initial inspection.

Step 5 Initial inspection
This is an important inspection where all farm unit and relevant operation units are inspected. This inspection and assessment is served as a guidance for the operator to understand and adjust its management to comply with applicable organic standards. It also serves as a basis for future inspection

Step 6 Reviewing the Inspection Report and Addressing Non-Compliances
Following the inspection, you will receive a copy of the inspection report by email from the inspector. If non-compliances were discovered, you are required to address them according to the conditions set in the report, i.e. proposing corrective measures, discontinuing the violations immediately. You need to promptly notify us of your corrective actions so that we can forward the report for review by our Certification Division.
Step 7 Certification Approval and Issuance of the Certificate
Once the inspection report and corrective actions are reviewed and approved by our Certification Division, you will receive the approval notification, accompanied by a receipt form which you need to sign and send back. Then, ACT will issue you the organic certificate. All product labels using the applicable organic seal(s) or logo(s) must be approved by ACT. Once the label is designed, you must submit it to ACT for review and approval before signing a contract authorizing their use.
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