Organic Certification Services

We certify a wide range of organic operations to an array of international standards and regulations to suit your product categories, markets, and export destinations.

Our certification services include three international programs; IFOAM EUCOR and one domestic program,  ACT. To choose which program(s) to enroll in depends on the organic standards or government regulations of the country, region or market in which you intend to sell your products. For example, to sell your organic products in Thailand or ship them to the rest of the Asian market (except Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan), Australia, and New Zealand, the IFOAM Program may be sufficient. If products are intended for sale within the EU, then the EU program provides certification to the EU standards. With some additional fees, operators may apply for more than one program.

Operators interested to apply for organic certification in any programme and scope can find more details in the Generic Manual of ACT Organic Certification. [download]