EU Program

European Union

For clients wishing to market their organic products in EU, our EU Program certifies operations and products that comply with the EU organic regulations, namely Council Regulations (EC) No.834/2007,  No. 889/2008, No.1235/2008.  The first, which came into effect in 2012, sets out the principles, aims, and overarching rules of organic production, and defines how organic products would be labeled while the detailed requirements for organic farming and animal husbandry are contained in the second. The last regulation lays down details governing imports of organic products from third countries.

ACT has been recognized by the EU as a control body under Article 10 of Regulation (EC) no.1235/2008 since 2011. We have been accredited to certify crop production, processing and handling, and wild harvest to the ACT (EU Program) Organic Standards, which has been evaluated and approved as being equivalent to Regulation (EC) No.834/2007. Operators can use the EU organic logo on products that satisfy the necessary standards and requirements under the EU Program.

You may refer to ACT Organic Standards [download] for details of ACT (EU Program) Organic Standards


The EU Program also applies for operators intending to sell organic products to Switzerland. The Swiss government issued Organic Farming Ordinance (SR 910.18) in 1997 to define rules for organic production, distribution, and labeling of organic products. The Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) is the competent authority responsible for its implementation.

With its ACT (EU Program) Organic Standards being recognized as equivalent to Organic Farming Ordinance, ACT has been registered with the FOAG since 2012 as a body accredited to certify crop production, and processing and handling.