Organic Certification Services

ACT offers several organic certification services for various programmes and scopes to suit the operator's production activities and marketing purposes. The table below shows some of them.

Choosing which organic programme to apply for depends on where the intended markets are. For most of the Asian markets including Thailand (except Japan), Australia and New Zealand, the IFOAM Programme may be sufficient. But if the products are to be exported to Europe, then it is necessary to apply for the EU Programme. The operator may also apply for more than one programme, with some additional fees.

The IFOAM Progamme, EU Programme and Swiss Programme are very similar. There are small differences in the standards. Similarly, the Canada Programme and the the US Programme are very close (again with small differences in standards). ACT offers the Canada and US Programme together, without additional fees.

Operators interested to apply for organic certification in any programme and scope can find more details in the “Generic Manual of ACT Organic Certification”. [download]

Certification scopes