Certification Alliance ... Asian regional collaboration platform of organic certifiers

Started in 2007, Certification Alliance or CertAll, is an Asian regional collaboration platform of local organic certifiers. The four collaboration areas include multiple certification, integrated inspection, market support and institutional development.

Multiple certifications for local operators through range of certification services offered by CertAll partners are made available to any interested operators in the region by other partners. Each partner functions as an office agent for the certification of other partners. Operators will be jointly certified by the service agent, the local certifier using local organic standards, as well as the CertAll partner whom additional certification for export is required. Certification to other private standards as addition may be arranged on the operator’s request.

Integrated inspection of certification required by local operator. This one-stop regional inspection service is not only for CertAll partners but also for non-partner certifiers working in the region.  Each partner functions as an office agent for the regional inspection service. To capacitate member, CertAll organizes regional trainings and experience sharing for partners' inspectors. Individuals, where there is no local CB established, can join as inspectors until a local certification body is organized in their respective countries.

Market support is another collaborate service offered by CertAll. Multiple certified operators can enjoy a full range of promotion and marketing support services as offered by the respective CertAll partner. Partner certifiers collaborate on trade fair exhibitions, joint promotional material, publications and referral listings.

Besides the inspection-certification services, CertAll also commits to do institutional development supports to local organic movements. These supports include joint trainings in inspection and certification, harmonization of procedures and forms used between partners, development of a regional private organic standards leading to IFOAM approval.

With CertAll collaboration, small local producers in Asia can now get multiple certification services with local agency at one-stop shop. The multiple certifications include all major importing countries like EU, US, Japan as well as private certifications of CertAll partners in Asia. The inspection is also integrated. These mean reduction in inspection and certification costs, thus facilitating exports of organic products from the region. CertAll partners have agreed in its partner meeting in early 2010 to develop a harmonized private regional standards as well as inspection forms. This would further encourage organic trade within the Asian region. In collaboration with GOMA, the CertAll would actively work to promote harmonization of Asian organic standards for countries not yet having organic regulations and equivalent recognition of organic standards among Asian countries already having their regulations.

Current members are:
Organic Alliance Malaysia - OAM (Malaysia)
Organic Certification Center of the Philippines – OCCP (Philippines)
BIO Cert (Indonesia)
SriCert (Sri Lanka)
Organic Certification Nepal – OCN (Nepal)
Organic Food Development and Certification Center – OFDC (China)
Lao Certification Body – LCB (Lao)
Heuksalim (South Korea)
Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand - ACT (Thailand)

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