About ACT

Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT) is an independent certification organization established in 1995 by the Alternative Agriculture Network (AAN), NGOs, academic, consumer organization, media, and green shop network, working on sustainable agriculture.  In 1999, the first organic standards were developed and soon after ACT launched its inspection-certification services. In 2001, a non-profit foundation was registered.

ACT has gained recognitions of its organic standards and inspection-certification services from domestic and international organizations, including:
1. IFOAM accreditation from the International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS) since 2001.
2. Thai organic agriculture accrediation by the National Bureau of Agriculture Commodity and Food Standards (AFCS) In 2005
3. General Requirements for Bodies Operating Product Certification Systems (ISO Guide 65) accrediation from the IOAS in February 2005
4. Canadian Organic Regime (COR) by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in June 2009
5. Approval of organic certification body by the European Union in October 2011
6. Approval of organic certification body by the Swiss Government in July 2012

ACT's vision is to be the quality mark for organic inspection and certification of international standards, contributing to the well-being of society and sustainable environment. Our missions are

  1. To provide inspection and certification services of internationally recognized organic agriculture standards;
  2. To provide inspection and certification services for other agriculture, social and environmental standards;
  3. To provide training services on organic agriculture and certifications for interested persons but not engaging in activities that could compromise the ACT's impartiality in doing the inspection and certification;
  4. To support organic agriculture movements in Thailand and abroad;
  5. To build ACT's staff professional competency in organic certification services;
  6. To support organizational innovations on continuous and sustainable basis.

ACT is an internal body of the Foundation of Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand, a non-profit organization registered with the Thai authorities. The Foundation's board of director compose of stakeholder representatives, e.g. consumers, environmentalists, private enterprises, academia, media and non-governmental organizations. The board of director appoints 3 of its member to serve as the Executive Board of the ACT. The Executive Board appoints the Standards Committee and Certification Supervision Committee as well as oversee the works of ACT Manager, the chief executive officer of ACT. See the organizational chart.


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