ACT Organic Standards

ACT Organic Standards 2016 has been approved by ACT on 24 February 2017 and effective from 31 March 2017.
Existing operator already certified by ACT may choose to implement and be complied with these new standards now
or by 31 March 2017 at the latest.
For the new operator applying for ACT certification or extending scope have to implement the new standards immediately.
DOWNLOAD – ACT Organic Standards 2016 Revision02.2017


ACT Organic Agriculture Standards are prepared by ACT Standards Committee in line with IFOAM Basic Standards and approved by ACT General Assembly since 1999 and has amendment in several times.  ACT Standards now cover crop production, handling and processing, wild production, Collecting Aquatic Organisms from Natural Waters, input production, aquaculture production, organic menu in restaurant, livestock and bee keeping which enable ACT to give certification service for organic crops produced from farm up to organic processed products.

ACT Organic Agriculture Standards comprise of the following components:
1. Definitions are meaning of words used in these standards which are defined for producers/operators to understand the meaning of those words in the same way.
2. The Principles and Aims of Organic Farming & Processing are goals of organic production which producers/operators should realize and use as guidelines.
3. Recommended practices are beneficial guidelines for organic production recommended by ACT but not enforced.
4. Standards are basic conditions which producers/operators have to follow in order to be certified by ACT.
5. Appendixes are additional explanations. Appendixes are divided into:

• Appendix 1 is the approved list of inputs used in organic production, i.e. fertilizers and soil conditioners, products and measures for pest and disease control, plant regulators, cleansing agents and disinfectants, and additives used in products for pest control. Producers/operators must use only inputs or components of inputs specified in this appendix.
• Appendix 2 is the approved list of additives and processing aids used in organic processing. Processors must use only additives and processing aids, and with products specified in this appendix.
• Appendix 3 is the approved list of inputs used in organic aquaculture production, i.e. products and method used for cleaning, disinfection and disease and pest control, and products used as ingredients of feeds.
• Appendix 4 is a guideline for evaluation additional inputs which are not listed in appendix 1 and ACT may allow to use after examination. Producers/operators must provide details of components of inputs as such and notify ACT to consider whether those inputs can be used or not.
• Appendix 5 is a guideline for evaluation of additional additives and processing aids which are not listed in appendix 2 and ACT may allow to use after examination. Processors must provide details of substances as such and notify the necessity to use those substances to ACT.
• Appendix 6 is the procedure for ACT Standards revision. It is a procedure that is open to all stakeholder and third parties to make comments and proposals to revise ACT Standards by sending comments and proposals to ACT Standard Committee.