Crop Production Certifications

♦  Applicant can be a farm owner or have contracted producers growing crops.
♦ Organic crop productions cover all kinds of crops such as rice, vegetables, fruits, field crops, herbs, beans and cereal sprouts, mushrooms (only for Canada Programme), fresh or sea water aquatic plants, seeds and plant propagation materials.
♦ Under this scope, applicants can also get certification for on-farm handling and processing as long as the products handled or processed are from its own farm.
♦ ACT’s organic programmes that cover organic crop production are:
* IFOAM Programme
* EU Programme
* Swiss Programme
* Canada Programme
* US Programme
In case of applying for IFOAM Programme, EU Programme, and Swiss Programme, the following sections of
ACT Organic Standards are applicable:
1. General Farm Management
2. Organic Crop Production
4. Processing and Handling
6. Social Justice (only for IFOAM Programme)
7. Labeling and Use of Organic Seal (additional requirements for seal use for EU and Swiss Programme)
Appendix 1: List of Approved Inputs Used in Organic Production
Appendix 2: List of Approved Additive and Processing Aids Used in Food Processing
For the Canada and US Programme, the applicable standards are the Canada organic standards [link]