Commercial Inputs Certifications

Applicants can either be a input manufacturer or sub-contract the input production to a manufacturer. Inputs here covers fertilizer and soil amendments, pest-control substances, growth hormones, additives and processing aids. It does not cover animal feed, seed, and planting materials (the last two fall under the organic crop production scope).

ACT can offer certification for commercial inputs  for the following standards:
* IFOAM programme

Relevant parts of the “ACT Organic Standards” for commercial input certification are:
5. Commercial Inputs
6. Social Justice
7. Labelling and Use of Organic Seal
Appendix 1: List of approved Inputs Used in Organic Production
Appendix 2: List of Approved Additives and Processing Aids Used in Food Processing
Appendix 3 : List of Approved Inputs Used in Organic Aquaculture production
Appendix 4: Guidelines for Evaluation of Additional Inputs to Organic Agriculture
Appendix 5 : Guidelines for Evaluation of Additives and Processing Aids for Organic Processing

Certified inputs are allowed to use the following organic seal on the product.