Certification application

Step 1 study the details of the applicable standards

ACT. reccommend all applicants wishing to apply for organic certification of any scope and programme, before completing the application, applicant should study the details of the applicable standards and ensure that the applicant can comply with the standards and certification requirements.


Step 2: Choose the scope intended for certification

There are 7 types of Application document according the scope of certification that ACTcurrently offers.

1) Organic Farm Production Applicant (organic plant production, aquaculture, livestock)

2) Processing and Handling Applicant

3) Group Certification Applicant

4) Wild Harvest applicant

5) Bee Keeping Applicant

6) Commercial Inputs Applicant

7) Organic Menu for Restaurant Applicant

Step 3 Complete the application form

Applicant must carefully fill the application documents which consist of the application and agreement form and production plan for the scope intended for certification as well as all annexes. Information in the application is very important because correct and accurate information

will benefit the applicant later. Please take time to prepare the information before complete them.

Before submitting the application, applicant should check the completeness of each document. In complete submission may result in a delay in the inspection and certification process.

Signing of application and agreement is of critical as ACT cannot proceed to the next step if the signature is missing.  Further detail can be get from Generic Manual Manual for ACT Organic Certification

Step 4 Submit the documents with payment of document review fee

After the applicant have completed application pack then transferred  the fee 1,070 THB  to ACT account.

*Krung Thai Bank, Pantip Plaza Ngamwongwan Branch, Account.  ACT organic Co.,Ltd. No.985-5-23872-9

*Siam Commercial Bank, Pantip Plaza Ngamwongwan Branch, Account name  ACT organic Co.,Ltd. No. 388-238729-4

Submit the application pack and bank slip to info@actorganic-cert.or.th  then ACT will review the application.


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