Certification Alliance

Certification Alliance or CertAll is a collaborative network of organic certification bodies in Asia. To enable organic farmers in the region to receive one stop services on organic certification. CertAll Network Members include:

Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand – ACT (Thailand)

Organic Alliance Malaysia – OAM (Malaysia)

Organic Food Development and Certification Center – OFDC  (Republic of China)

Quality Certification Servicd – QCS (USA)

Organic Certification Center of the Philippines – OCCP (Philippine)

BIOCert (Indonesia)

Organic Certification Nepal – OCN (Nepal)

Combodian Organic Agriculture Association(CoRaa) (Combodia)

Mekong Cert (Vietnam)

SriCert (Srilanka)

Lao Certification BodyLCB (Lao Republic)

ICert (Indonesia)